12 May 2023, London UK – Are you ready for an app that’ll change your whole life? Then you’re ready for dark sci-fi SIGHT EXTENDED, released in the UK from 12 June.

The feature debut of Daniel Lazo and Eran May-Raz, based on their acclaimed short film, SIGHT EXTENDED is an imaginative exploration of the dangers of letting technology take over your life, and the terrifying possibilities of Augmented Reality run amokWith its quirky humour and breathtaking visuals, the film recalls the scope and ambition of last year’s Sci-Fi sensation Everything Everywhere All At Once.

Andrew Riddell (Bubbleproof) stars as the young man who uses a new augmented reality app to apply his video game skills to real life in the hopes of curing his agoraphobia, as well as Nova Gaver (soon to be seen in the horror chiller Folklore), as the woman he suddenly finds himself confident enough to talk to.

Combining the twisted dystopian visions of Black Mirror with the frenetic, tense energy of techno-thrillers Limitless and Upgrade, SIGHT EXTENDED is a cautionary tale for the 21st century. Be careful what you wish for, because this app might just get it for you!

SYNOPSIS: In a near-future dominated by augmented-reality eyepieces, a troubled young man who suffers from agoraphobia experiences an unlikely transformation when he comes across a mysterious app that transforms every facet of his life into a game.