We found this thriller on Prime, and decided to give it a go … and were very pleasantly surprised.  It’s an effective ‘chase’ thriller wherein Cherie (Ella Balinska), a young mother, agrees to go on a date with a client of the law firm she works for … as she is preparing though, her period starts, and she is out of tampons, so has to extemporise.

Initially, this focus on her period and the blood seemed out of place and, well, icky … but it actually has a lot to do with the action that follows. The man Cherie meets is Ethan (Pilou Asbæk), and while he seems kind and nice and fun to be with, he’s actually something of an unpredictable maniac who dogs hate … Cherie runs from him, not realise that he’s actually some sort of supernatural demon who has scented her blood and so can find her wherever she goes.

Thus she runs … and the film occasionally puts up a large red RUN on the screen each time she needs to get out of there … shades of the Werewolf Break in The Beast Must Die!  But each time, Ethan turns up to slaughter whoever might be with or helping Cherie!  It’s a great action concept and the film handles it really well. You never quite know when he might appear or who might get killed …

Eventually she finds some help, but I’m not going to go there as it’s worth enjoying the film for yourself.

The blood and gore is well done, and the sense of threat and terror is ratcheted up as the film progresses. Cherie is a good heroine, strong and capable, but she finds herself being tried by the supernaturally strong and unkillable Ethan. At times he reminded me of ‘the Shape’ in John Carpenter’s Halloween and subsequent films … a strong, mostly silent, stalker who is out to get you!

Run Sweetheart Run was directed by Shana Feste from a screenplay by Feste, Keith Josef Adkins and Kellee Terrell, and is another great slice of horror from Blumhouse Studios, who seem to be cornering the market these days in great horror thrillers.  Well worth checking out.

Reviewed by David J Howe