Chinbeard Books have got The Tomorrow People: The Complete Look-In Comics (Volume One) up for pre-order, as well as a crowdfundng campaign nearing completion for a graphic novel called Robin of Sherwood: The Hooded Men.

Both are limited editions and both won’t be published if the budget targets aren’t met.
The publisher commented on Facebook: ‘We point this out again because when we published two previous books (Robin of Sherwood: The Complete Look-In Comics and Robin of Sherwood Annual 1987), even with just as heavy a publicity campaign across social media, tie-in discussion groups and forums, and articles from a Press Release all across websites and in print, we regularly – and in a pretty large volume – still get disappointed or frustrated comments, messages, and emails from fans asking why they missed out and how can they get a copy. And the sad answer is, they can’t.
‘What we don’t want to happen is for this to be YOU when both of these new books have either been funded and released, or not funded and retired.
‘We know it looks like we’re begging for your money and support here, and we are, but it’s more to do with our ethos of producing professional, high-quality, officially-licensed books for fans that give them something interesting, exciting, and new.
‘It’s also, especially with the Look-In comic strips collections, a chance to show that – with our second book with Rebellion – we can continue to provide these collected and restored strips of popular television series of yesteryear for them from the Look-In archive.
‘Our chinbeards are dyed-in-the-follicle fans, so we know how important it is to be able to revel in whatever show or series you have a love of, and to have something new and also nostalgic that’s produced by tip-top talent who share your passion.
‘Please nudge your friends who are fans of either The Tomorrow People or Robin of Sherwood (or both) and tell them not to miss out!
‘Whenever our previous limited edition books appear on eBay for re-sale, they go for extortionate prices, and *we* won’t be selling either of these books on Amazon or any other sales outlet aside from the links provided below.
‘Thanks, in advance. As ever, our motto of ‘by the fans, for the fans’ is never more evident than here.’