WHAT: Nerd Night

WHO: Madam Misfit and Friends

WHEN: 30th September 2023

WHERE: DINA Sheffield (https://www.dinavenue.com)

Come join me, Madam Misfit, for a rather special night of nerd based fun.

Rapper, singer and rabble rouser extraordinaire – a  “Menace to musical society”!

You know me, and I love you – it will have been 6 months since SFW14, so join me for a night to remember.

With friends – this may be a quiz, may be not, may be bring stationary, may be not.

Cannot wait … what a night we have planned for you all.

TICKETS: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/nerd-night-with-madam-misfit-and-friends-tickets-647453549997