Anyone heading to the Med this August? Be very careful.
Or alternatively, check this out … the latest in the Terror Tales series, TERROR TALES OF THE MEDITERRANEAN. It’s up for pre-order right now.
The Mediterranean. Sun-bleached ruins, azure seas, foaming wine. But history’s cruellest tyrants reigned here, delighting in blood and torture. Myths tell of snake-haired harridans and one-eyed giants, of humans cooked on spits, of curses, scourges, and devious deities who played with men’s souls like pawns in chess …
Go to editor Paul Finch’s new blogpost: for all the juicy details – TOC, blurb, eerie excerpts, and full artwork.
Or head to the Telos site: where you can find the book available for pre-order (with a 20% offer if you buy three or more TT Books in one go!)