“A tense stalker shocker with a career-defining performance from Eric Roberts” Dread Central

“Exciting, entertaining, and exhilarating” Pop Horror

“An impressively engaging stalker-horror” UK FIlm Review


28 September 2023, London UK – This Halloween, never mind the knock at the door, it’s the ring of your phone you need to worry about as Eric Roberts stars as THE CALLER, is released in the UK from 23 October.

This taut and tense thriller starts with a shocking, bloody prologue and doesn’t let up for ninety minutes. Sarah Alexandra Marks (Kill Kane) is terrific as Izzy, a young woman working remotely for a bank, who gets into an altercation with a cash-strapped customer called Caleb Baxter, played by Hollywood legend Eric Roberts (The Expendables). Baxter starts to harass Izzy over the phone, saying he will track her down. Worried he might well be able to do that through her social media profile, the increasingly jumpy and unnerved Izzy, house-sitting in an isolated bungalow, realises Caleb’s appalling threats might just become a brutal reality.

Marks is engaging and sympathetic as Izzy, while Roberts has the time of his life as the menacing Caleb Baxter; also featured in the cast are former Doctor Who Colin Baker, UK Scream Queen favourite Dani Thompson (My Bloody Banjo) as Izzy’s bullying boss, and Amber Doig-Thorne (Winnie the Pooh: Blood and Honey). The debut feature from writer/director Richard Anthony Dunford, THE CALLER has won multiple awards at festivals including The Milan Gold Awards, Paradise Film Festival and the Mabig Film Festival.

Encompassing modern themes of the isolation of working from home, invasion of privacy in a social media world, as well as anonymous bullying and its repercussions, THE CALLER is an unsettling and tense debut from Dunford, delivering maximum chills and thrills from an ever more claustrophobic and creepy setting. If you enjoyed the recent, similarly themed Barbarian and Watcher then you’ll want to catch THE CALLER. Just make sure you turn off your phone while you’re watching.

SYNOPSIS: Izzy, a young woman who works remotely as a customer service agent for a bank, agrees to house-sit for her uncle while he is abroad. Whilst working alone at this secluded house she receives an unnerving phone call from a dissatisfied customer who is hellbent on terrorising her. Izzy grows increasingly paranoid from the harassment fearing that the sadistic caller’s threats may end up becoming a violent reality.