Things are hotting up in November/December as the BBC and everyone else celebrates the 60th anniversary of the show …

Here’s a schedule of what’s happening and when (if known) … and I’ll try and keep it up to date! — David

Running from 21 October until 27 January 2024 at the Weston Museum, Weston Super Mere is an exhibition of Doctor Who Art, including original Target Covers and much more.
31st October Bonnie Langford will be a guest on The Zoe Ball Breakfast Show on BBC Radio 2 from 06:30am. ON AIR FROM 08:35AM.
November: Down in the London Underground children’s book by George Ivanoff, illustrated by Martin Baines –
November: UNIT: The Legacy of Doctor Who by Baz Greenland is published by Candy Jar.
November Cubicle 7 release two of their Sourcebooks for The Thirteenth Doctor and one called A Stitch in Time.
November Big Finish Audio Releases: The Eighth Doctor Adventures: Audacity, The War Master: Rogue Encounters, The Tenth Doctor Chronicles: Vol 2: Defender of the Earth, Torchwood: Oodunnit, Doctor Who: The Box of Terrors, The Eleventh Doctor Chronicles: Broken Hearts.
1st November Classic Who back catalogue drops onto BBC iPlayer plus extras (
1st November Tales on the TARDIS drops onto BBC iPlayer. 6 episodes
1st November Talking Doctor Who documentary on BBC 4 at 19:30
1st November BBC Radio 2 Doctor Who @60
1st November A Musical Celebration Concert on BBC 4 at 20:30
1st November SFX issue 372/December issue out with 28 pages for Doctor Who
1st November Toby Hadoke on Newsnight with a Doctor Who feature
3rd November Miriam Margolyes is a guest on The Graham Norton Show on BBC 1 at 22:40.
3rd November New Wave of Character Options figures starts arriving in B&M: Deadly Assassin Time Lord set and Dalek sets
4th November And … Action! Andrew Morgan’s memoir is released by Telos Publishing.
6th November The Doctors: The Sylvester McCoy Years: Behind the Scenes released by Reeltime Pictures
6th November Daleks Invasion Earth 2150 AD airs 4am on Talking Pictures channel (Sky 328)
6th November from Ten Acre Books David Whitaker in an Exciting Adventure with Television
6th November The Big Finish Tennant and Tate stories start daily on Radio 4 extra at 9:30pm. Technophobia followed by Time Reaver, both as two-parters, with more probable the following week(s).
7th November Once Upon A Timelord by Dan Slott is released by Titan Comics.
9th November Doctor Who: 60 Moments in Time from Panini is published
9th November Doctor Who Magazine 597 out
10th November The artist Bret Herholz has a new book: The 31 Doctors: 31 incarnations in 31 days celebrating 60 years. Only available from him direct. Email: for more information.
10th November Build A Bear announce a 14th Doctor variant for the Anniversary.
11th November signing from 13:00 at The Who Shop in London of Simon Guerrier’s new book on David Whitaker (see 6 November)
13th November Billie Piper on Desert Island Disks. Radio4Extra at 04:00.
13th November The Underwater Menace Animation DVD/Blu-Ray/Steelbook released
13th November Series 1-4 Blu-Ray Box Set released
15th November 20 episodes from Big Finish’s Doctor Who audio catalogue made available on BBC Sounds:
15th November 26 Missing Episodes of Doctor Who added to BBC Sounds.
16th November Whotopia book released by BBC Books
16th November Russell T Davies on Desert Island Disks. Radio4Extra at 04:00.
17th November Tennant guests on The Last Leg on Channel 4 at 11:05pm.
17th November Children in Need 2023 – the Children in Need scene is going to have its own mini Doctor Who Unleashed episode. Available on iPlayer: Doctor Who Unleashed episode looking at the Children In Need special:
18th November BBC Radio 4 Extra Surviving Doctor Who an A-Z With Toby Hadoke:
18th November Doctor Who @ 60: The Classic Years. Presented by Jo Whiley on BBC Radio 2 at 1:00.
18th November Doctor Who @ 60: The Modern Era. Presented by Jo Whiley on BBC Radio 2 at 2:00.
18th November Sylvester McCoy: My Life in a Mixtape. On BBC Radio 2 at 3:00.
18th November Surviving Doctor Who: An A-Z with Toby Hadoke. On BBC Radio 4 Extra at 16:45.
18th November 60 Years of Dr Who: Show and Tell, 12-4pm. Northampton Museum & Art Gallery.
18th November Janet Fielding: My Life in a Mixtape. On BBC Radio 2 at 00:00.
18th November Segun Akinola: My Life in a Mixtape. On BBC Radio 2 at 04:00.
19th November Documentary The Wilderness Years on BBC Radio 4 on Sunday 19 November at 16.30. Presented by Matthew Sweet.
20th November David Tennant and Russell T Davies on The One Show 19:00 on BBC One.
20th November Character Options made the Chrome 14th Doctor Sonic Screwdriver available again from 10:00am, and by lunchtime it had sold out again.
20th November William Hartnell Desert Island Disks made available on BBC Sounds.
20th November Witness History: Making Doctor Who Radio4Extra 20:55pm. Originally recorded for the 50th anniversary.
21st November Russell T Davies and David Tennant on the BBC Zoe Ball Breakfast show from 08:00.
21st November TV listings magazines out. Including Radio Times for the Anniversary Week, which also has a special Doctor Who cover for the Subscribers issue only.
21st November Sophie Aldred: My Life in a Mixtape. On BBC Radio 2 at 04:00.
22nd November Ruth Madeley: My Life in a Mixtape. On BBC Radio 2 at 03:00.
22nd November Beano Magazine #4213 features a Doctor Who cover. Head to for subscription information
23rd November Waris Hussain, Nicola Bryant and Wendy Padbury on BBC Breakfast.
23rd November Jodie Whittaker on ITV’s This Morning from 10:00.
23rd November Doctor Who – Rose released by BBC Books, illustrated by Robert Hack
23rd November Bargain Hunt Doctor Who Special on BBC 1 at 12:15pm.
23rd November book Flying onto Shelves written by Neil Corry about the Eaglemoss collection. (Seems that this is sold out already).
23rd November Colourised 75 min version of The Daleks from 1963/4 with a new score from Mark Ayres. BBC 4 at 19:30.
23rd November An Adventure in Space and Time Docudrama at 20:45 on BBC4. Re-edited version with elements of ‘An Unearthly Child’ removed and the 15th Doctor added at the end rather than the 11th.
23rd November Issue 6 of the Doctor Who fan-produced comics-orientated zine Vworp Vworp! released.
23rd November Channel 5 News feature on the biggest Doctor Who collection.
23rd November Frazer Hines on Channel 5 News.
23rd November Murray Gold Anniversary Special Hitting The Right Notes on Radio Solent at 7pm.
23rd November OutsideIn Regenerates: 163 New New Perspectives on 163 Classic DOCTOR WHO Stories by 163 Writers published by ATP Publishing
23rd November Over the Air USA Network Retro TV has a 16:00-18:00 (E/P) Doctor Who Marathon, showing all four episodes of the first story.
23rd November New edition of the fanzine Gallifrey The Long Way Round released.
23rd November Updates to the Doctor Who in the Radio Times set of PDF celebrations of their coverage.
23rd November Son-et-lumiere at Cardiff Bay running from today to 25 November. The after-dark showings will run every half hour from 5.30pm until 9.30pm on those days, with each lasting approximately 5 minutes. The initial switch-on, scheduled for 5.30pm on Thursday 23 November, will be hosted by Steffan Powell, presenter of Doctor Who: Unleashed.
23rd November Both series of Totally Doctor Who live on iPlayer.
23rd November National Motor Museum at Beaulieu opens a special display featuring some of the most iconic vehicles from Doctor Who.
23rd November Today programme on BBC Radio 4 Doctor Who Theme Music. With Mark Ayres, Brian Hodgeson, Dominic Glynn, Keff McCulloch.
24th November Nicola Bryant on ITV’s This Morning from 10:00.
24th November  Silva Screen soundtrack releases: Revenge of the Cybermen and Time and the Rani ( /
24th November Blue Peter will feature the Doctor Who competition winners.
24th November Doctor Who: 60 Years of Friends and Foes, an hour-long programme at 21:00 on BBC Radio 4 presented by Sue Perkins.
24th November Doctor Who: The Bedtime Story read by David Tennant on CBEEBIES 18:50.
24th November Dominic Glynn’s The Survival Remixes is made available.
24th November Jason Quinn (DWM Editor) on BBC Breakfast
25th November Bonnie Langford: My Life in a Mixtape. On BBC Radio 2 at 03:00.
25th November Secrets and Scandals C5 documentary tx at 20:30. Streaming on My5.
25th November 60th Anniversary episode No1 The Star Beast on BBC 1/Disney+ 18:30
25th November A Life with Doctor Who Event at The Sill Landscape Discovery Centre, Northumberland National Park – celebrating Delia Derbyshire
25th November Event at The Briton’s Protection pub in Manchester organised by Vworp Vworp! Screening of The Star Beast.
25th November From 10am, at the Starrider store at 156 Victoria Street, Grimsby, DN31 1NX for a day of Doctor Who fun.
26th November A Musical Celebration Concert on BBC Radio 2 at 01:00.
26th November Matt Smith on Desert Island Disks. Radio4Extra at 10:00.
27th November Celebrity Yorkshire Auction House. S3 E3 with Frazer Hines. On Discovery+
28th November TV listings magazines out
30th November The Star Beast Target novelisation ebook released
December Big Finish Audio Releases: The Seventh Doctor Adventures: The Last Day 1, The Eighth Doctor Adventures: In the Bleak Midwinter, The Eleventh Doctor Chronicles: Vol 5: Everywhere and Anywhere, Torchwood: Oracle, The War Doctor Begins: Enemy Mine.
December: Cover B by Will Brooks published –
1st December SFX Magazine 373 published.
2nd December 60th Anniversary episode No2 Wild Blue Yonder on BBC 1/Disney+.
2nd December Peter Davison: My Life in a Mixtape. On BBC Radio 2 at 04:00.
3rd December Nicholas Briggs: My Life in a Mixtape. On BBC Radio 2 at 02:00.
5th December TV listings magazines out
5th December Doctor Who: Doom’s Day – Jody Houser (Titan, November 14) published
7th December Doctor Who Magazine 598 out
7th December Wild Blue Yonder Target novelisation ebook released
9th December 60th Anniversary episode No3 The Giggle on BBC 1/Disney+
9th December Doctor Who Unleashed episode 3 on BBC Three
9th December Doctor Who Beyond the Screen event. Ticket event at a secret location in London. ( Streamed on Twitch from 20:30.
14th December Children of the Circus is a brand-new, original, musical play on audio from AUK Studios; written by Kenton Hall (with songs by Christopher Guard) and based on an idea by Barnaby Eaton-Jones.…/
14th December The Giggle Target novelisation ebook released
14th December RTD on BBC1 News 08:30.
*17th December Imagine…Russell T Davies: The Doctor and Me comes to BBC One and iPlayer BBC One, Imagine, 10:40pm
25th December Christmas 2023 Special episode: The Church on Ruby Road on BBC 1
30th December Absent Friends – Toby Hadoke pays tribute to some of the performers, producers and writers from the world of sci fi, horror & fantasy whom we’ve lost in 2023. 4Extra Debut 00:40.
31st December 60th Box Set released on DVD/BluRay/Steelbook
11th January The Star Beast, Wild Blue Yonder and The Giggle paperback novelizations released
1st February The Star Beast, Wild Blue Yonder and The Giggle audio novelizations released
12th February The Daleks: Colourised released on DVD/BluRay/Steelbook
*=added/amended today
With thanks to James Landale and Ian Levine’s Doctor Who Group for the original list.