Review by David J Howe

Following on from 2022’s acclaimed illustrated novelisation of the first Dalek story, Doctor Who in an Exciting Adventure With the Daleks, illustrated by artist Robert Hack, the same team have come together to present a new edition of Russell T Davies’ novelisation of his script for the opening episode of the revived series in 2005.

Rose follows the same pattern: an oversized hardback edition containing the original text of Davies’ novelisation, but augmented with many new illustrations from Hack which complement and augment the story wonderfully.

Among the gems here are a selection of very creepy shop mannequins, gorgeous imagery from the show itself, and, possibly my favourite, two double page spreads showing, first, all the Doctors we know about, and second, all the ones we don’t know about, or which might just be as a result of Clive misunderstanding or getting the wrong end of the stick (ie not Doctors at all).

Even the pages which don’t have obvious imagery, have a colour wash to the pages, and sometimes there’s a faint hidden image in the wash too … it’s all beautifully done and put together, and is a real treat on the eyes as well as the senses, with the smashing dust jacket, thick paper leaves, and general sense and feel of it being a quality item.

After the massive disappointment of the new Whotopia book, it’s right that the BBC have given Rose pride of place as the 60th anniversary publication, releasing it on the anniversary day itself. This is a publication which celebrates quality: a great story bringing Doctor Who to a whole new audience, a cracking adaptation by the original writer, and a quality publication from the BBC, containing some of the best modern art created for the show.

You couldn’t ask for anything else!