If you’re a fan of Matt Shaw’s fiction … a new project …
This book has no name.
There is no synopsis, no blurb, there is nothing.
Open it up and there’s no title and no author name. There is no introduction, no copyright blurb – just one person’s haunting story.
It will not be available on Amazon.
It won’t be available in PDF or paperback.
There are no trigger warnings yet the story will stick with you.
The book will only be available in glossy hardback and you will know literally nothing about it other than what is written on the side of the spine:
For every ten pages you read of this book, someone will die.
Matt further clarified the book on his Facebook page:
The reaction to this book has been insane. A huge thank you to those who’ve placed your orders for it already. For those who are seeing this for the first time, what you missed is copied and pasted at the end of this post.
I’ve had a few people ask if this is a limited edition book. Yes, and no. How many copies exist entirely comes down to how many people spoil the book for others (or rather, if I get wind of it).
You see, I WANT this book to be a myth. I want it to be mystery.
With no title, no introduction, no blurb, or anything like that. I believe I’ve given it a good starting point. With people who’ve placed their orders already, a good number are intrigued for sure.
There aren’t even chapters (don’t worry, there are reading breaks) nor page numbers… The inside of this book is entirely unknown to all. I will go ahead and say, there are no trigger warnings. This is not a book to disgust. It’s a story to creep you out and stay with you longer after, and – of course – have you asking questions.
With the book, I will be producing a bookmark for THIS BOOK only. It will have a similar picture to the cover on the front of the bookmark and instructions on the back, kindly requesting people do NOT speak about the contents of the book. They’re fine to say whether they enjoyed it or hated it, or thought it was so-so but – it asks to keep all spoilers to ANY part of the story OFF the internet. Now we both know this won’t last forever and someone will say something and, when I see that has happened, the book will forever disappear.
Shipping Mid-February.