The Science Fiction Fiction magazine WORLDS OF IF has been relaunched …

The publishers explain:

‘It is a thrill for Starship Sloane Publishing Company, Inc. to be bringing back the legendary science fiction magazine, Worlds of IF!

‘It has been an interesting journey thus far. We’re working with a surplus of enthusiasm on a shoestring budget – which can create some vivid disconnects between vision and reality. You know, I also await the invention that gives us enough time in the day to somehow accomplish everything on those to-do lists that we all have spilling about in our minds and workspaces!

‘A love of science fiction – the ideas, the art, and the literature – and the special place that Worlds of IF holds in that sphere is the driving inspiration behind this project.

‘Worlds of IF was merged into Galaxy Science Fiction, its sister publication, after the December 1974 issue (it’s 175th), despite three Hugo wins and finally outselling Galaxy. Years before that, Worlds of Tomorrow had been merged into Worlds of IF, two worlds, one magazine.

‘Number 175 for the final issue of Worlds of IF before the merge into Galaxy. Number 176 for Hong’s excellent revival. And number 177 for us.’

The first revived issue is now available as a FREE PDF … head to their website to nab a copy.