Demon Records have joined forces with HMV for the next release of a Doctor Who vinyl … and this is on something called ‘HMV Vinyl Week’ … a week when HMV have available a variety of LP records for sale. It’s a little like ‘Record Store Day’ (which is just for independents) for HMV … And this record is in the ‘1921’ range of releases … so named because 1921 is when HMV first opened!

So the release that they have chosen this time is the soundtrack to a sixties Doctor Who story called ‘The Highlanders’. This is interesting as firstly, the actual television episodes don’t exist – so we can’t see the story. And secondly as this story was the introduction of the Doctor’s companion Jamie, played by Frazer Hines … and indeed it’s Hines who narrates the soundtrack (by which I mean he fills the listener in on what’s happening during the sequences when there’s no dialogue and it’s hard to tell what’s going on).

The LP records are in a blue and a red translucent vinyl (I assume echoing the colour of Jamie’s tartan) and each comes in a slipsleeve containing Radio Times style billings for each episode. The cover image is a strangely unimpactful image of the TARDIS on the battlefield with Redcoats and Highlanders fighting, and with a cannon in the foreground.

Overall it’s a nice addition to the range of vinyl releases of Doctor Who.  Good to see another sixties story get the treatment.

RELEASE DATE: 14 th June 2024
FORMAT: 2LP 140g Translucent Red & Blue Vinyl
BARCODE: 5014797909540

Available from: