I remember seeing Conan The Barbarian when we first got a VHS player back in the 80s and loved every minute of it, so when John Walsh’s new book Conan the Barbarian the Official Story of the Film arrived I couldn’t wait to rip off the cellophane seal and check out this blast of the past.

The official retrospective hardback book tells the story of the making of Conan the Barbarian and includes interviews with cast and crew members and features behind-the-scenes photography during the shooting of the movie.

In 1982, Robert E. Howard’s iconic hero, Conan, slashed and hacked his way from page to screen after a long journey. The movie is packed with epic shots of the landscapes and contains some bloody battles which entertained cinemagoers around the world and the movie also launched the career of Arnold Schwarzenegger.


Now over 40 years on from the release of what has now become a cult classic the movie is celebrated in the new book, Conan the Barbarian – The Official Story of the Film and what an amazing read this book is.

John Walsh has brought us not only a fascinating and in-depth book about the 1982 cult classic movie but also a book that looks amazing from page to page with illustrations, and behind-the-scenes photography, even the dust cover looks amazing with its art and underneath that is a faux leather look cover brandishing a shiny silver sword.

I found myself not being able to put the rather hefty book down once I started reading it and continued reading well into the early hours. John Walsh has certainly brought fans a book that grabs the attention just by looking at the art on the dust sleeve and it sets you up for a journey into the world of filmmaking and what was done to get this epic 80s movie on the big screen with an actor that has become one of the biggest names in the business.

John Walsh’s Conan the Barbarian the Official Story of the Film takes us through the process of the movie being made including the origin of the story, development, casting, the shooting of the movie and a look at Conan’s world. There is so much packed into the 176 pages that it will keep you reading and reading until you finish. Conan the Barbarian the Official Story of the Film also works very well for those that may be studying film and may have picked the movie as their course work, it has so many great references that many of us maybe wouldn’t know about.

If you are a lover of film or you are a fan of Arnold Schwarzenegger or even of the works of Robert E. Howard, then this is certainly a book that you will want to check out and add to your library.

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