I check out The Seeding the debut feature from Barnaby Clay (multi-award-winning music video director), the film stars Scott Haze (Jurassic World Dominion, What Josiah Saw) and Kate Lyn Sheil (She Dies Tomorrow, You’re Next).

A man trapped in a desert canyon with a mysterious woman is held captive by feral children…

The Seeding has a rather simple premise when it comes to the story, it’s what happens throughout the movie that takes the viewer along on a journey to the depths of madness with the Wyndham Stone (Scott Haze) after he discovers a young boy claiming to have lost his parents and is then cast into the desert canyon with only a young woman (Kate Lyn Sheil) for company.

After several attempts to escape the canyon, he slowly but surely accepts his captivity with her and the tormenting from the Ferrel children that are outside the canyon that supply food etc for them to both survive.

But as the movie unfolds we slowly discover that there is so much more about the woman and why Wyndham has been placed in the canyon with her, leading him to moments of madness towards the end of the movie and to the point of us finding out the reason behind what has been going on.

The Seeding is writer/director Barnaby Clay‘s debut feature and he has certainly brought us a movie that at times can be a little uneasy to watch but is also one that you get pulled into shortly after Wyndham awakes in the canyon for the first time. Adding to the overall effect of the movie is some great cinematography from Robert Leitzell (Black Bear, The Uninvited) that works very well with the textures of the canyon.

The soundtrack by Tristan Bechet works well to emphasise the feelings that you get throughout the movie.

It’s not until you get closer to the end of the movie that you start to put everything into place and you then get why the movie is called The Seeding. But the journey from start to finish does have you asking questions while watching.

Scott Haze puts on a superb performance as Wyndham and the change that he brings to the character throughout the movie is great to watch as he sinks into what can only described as someone who accepts his fate with shocking results.

The same can be said about Kate Lyn Sheil as Lina, the woman in the canyon, who has quite a quiet role in the movie, but her performance as someone who has something to hide but doesn’t give much away and looks after Haze’s character is great to watch.

The Seeding is a bit of an unnerving movie, I went into watching this one almost blind and not knowing that much about it, besides the short synopsis. It’s probably the best way to watch the movie and to just go with the flow of the strangeness that is happening on the screen with the characters.

The Seeding will be available to own or rent in the UK & Ireland from 12th February via Amazon, AppleTV, Google, Sky Store and Virgin Media Store.

Source Blazing Minds