Last night was the SFW Awards and it was a night of gongs, surprises and some top entertainment as SFW attendees were treated to a night of walking the red carpet with photographers taking shota as them headed into the Awards for a special night.

The evening kicked off with a fantastic opening fronlm Area 51 with a stunning light show that was a sheer delight to watch, then our Jonni our host welcomed everyone to the special evening before introducing us to the first segment of the SFW Awards for 2024.

And the SFW Winners of SFW15 are…

SFW Best Director Neil Marshall

SFW Best Actor Peter Davison

Best SFW Master Act Madam Misfit

Best Author Darren Shan

Favourite SFW Artist Graham Humphreys

Best Sci-Fi TV Show Black Mirror

SFW Top Trooper Honey Harrison

SFW Hero Tom Baker

SFW Legend Peter Davison

And so ends the SFW Awards for another year, before they ended we were treated to a sneak peek at some the guests for 2025 and all I can say is SFW 16 is going to be yet another amazing Sci-Fi Weekender.