The first official day at Sci-Fi Weekender SFWXV was yet another amazing day, after partying at the SFW Awards on Thursday night, Friday was the time for those who didn’t attend the awards to get a chance to see the stunning opening ceremony from Area 51 with a light show that was a wonder to watch and was choreographed to the music perfectly.

Followed by an introduction by the man behind the event Jonni, bringing us what would be happening over the weekend and a sneaky peek at what is to come at SFWXVI in 2025 and it’s already looking like it’s going to be another awesome Weekender. I have to say that the guests have been amazing to chat with and to watch at their various Q&As that have been happening during the Friday.

Peter Davison at SFW XV - Photo Credit (Karen Woodham)
Peter Davison at SFW XV – Photo Credit (Karen Woodham)

When it comes to the SFW events you can always guarantee that we are going to get Q&As and other interviews that are fascinating to listen to and this year has been no exception. Being a Dr Who fan myself it was amazing to see Peter Davison not only up on the stage but to also have a brief chat with him while I took a few moments out of my schedule to catch up with guests and grab some official photos of them.

Nightmare on Elm Street which was not only very funny but the fans packed out the Spaceport for their performance. One of the many things I’ve always loved about SFW is that it’s become like a big family and the majority of people that have attended over the years are always polite and love to say “Hi”, over the 11 or so years that I’ve been attending I now seem to have more and more people recognising me and stopping me for a chat, heck this year I’ve even been asked to be in a photo which was pleasant surprise.

I’ve always loved catching up with people I know and guests that I’ve come to call friends over the years, this year I would like to say a special thank you to the lovely author Raven Dane whom I spent a good time chatting and gave me some time to relax and slow down a bit before running around again. Fridays always seem more relaxed at the Awards evening, but my step count usually goes through the roof on a Friday, I’m not complaining I think SFW is the one event that keeps me fit and I love it.

George Coppen at SFW XV - Photo Credit (Karen Woodham)
George Coppen at SFW XV – Photo Credit (Karen Woodham)

At 6 pm we got a break during set up before heading back at 7:30 pm for the Imaginarium with Area 51, the Main Void performers were Popup Puppet Cinema with their brilliant version of The Shining, the most excellent George Coppen with his superb Stand-up routine and this year we had the very, very, funny Lost Voice Guy to have us rolling in the aisles with a set that I can still feel the exercise my chuckle muscles got this morning.

Lost Voice Guy at SFW XV - Photo Credit (Karen Woodham)
Lost Voice Guy at SFW XV – Photo Credit (Karen Woodham)

Professor Element brought us his usual top-notch set after, followed by the brilliant Graham Graham Beck, the excellent Victor and the Bully which I have to say just blew me away and to end the evening the amazing Experimental Sonic Machines.

Between acts, it was a chance for me to see how the Spaceport was going with the cinema that they were running this year and I have to say it was great to have the cinema back as there are some that love to kick back and chill on a Friday evening and the cinema was very popular this year. After everything was coming to an end in the Main Void myself and my team popped to The Thunderbird for a late-night snack before heading back to the caravan to catch up on some sleep and to prepare for the final day of SFW 15, always a sad day but it always goes out with style thanks to an evening with Level Up Leroy.

Neil Marshall at SFW XV - Photo Credit (Karen Woodham)
Neil Marshall at SFW XV – Photo Credit (Karen Woodham)

I would like to say thank you to everyone amazing during Friday, especially to the guests who took the time to chat with me and to the awesome Neil Marshall (yea folks, director of Dog Soldiers) for taking the time to chat while we all were deciding on what food to get (now you don’t get that sort of things at your run of the mill event).

Also thank you to SFW attendee TJ Maddo for completely taking me by surprise and asking for a photo with me, damn I’m famous at last LMAO.

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